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Univera Healthcare's Clear Coverage to be replaced by CareAdvance Provider

Practicefirst has been notified that Univera will be introducing a new electronic authorization tool to replace the current tool, Clear Coverage.

“CareAdvance Provider”, a web-based real time software tool is tentatively scheduled to launch sometime in the fourth quarter of 2019 , beginning with Medicaid Managed Care, Child Health Plus and HARP lines of business. The Commercial and Medicare lines of business are expected to be added to the new system some time in 2020. Notification of the second phase will come 90 days prior to implementation.

As with Clear Coverage, the CareAdvance Provider portal will be accessible via the provider section of the Univera Healthcare website. See below for a list of some of the new features.

  • Ability to select preauthorization end dates.

  • Ability to request additional services or an extension of services using an existing preauthorization entry.

  • Ability to attach clinical information and photos to the preauthorization request.

  • Ability to communicate with the Health Plan via the portal rather than by phone.

If you would like to arrange for CareAdvance Provider training or have related questions, contact your Provider Relations representative.

For Billing questions, please contact Tammy Bartlett at 716-389-3223 or 


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