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Changes to COVID-19 CPT Codes Effective August 14, 2023

Six new CPT Codes have been approved for COVID-19 immunizations.

The CPT Editorial Panel approved the following:

  • Addition of new product CPT codes: 91318, 91319, 91320, 91321, 91322 to identify monovalent vaccine product for immunization against COVID-19 (Pfizer, Moderna).
  • Addition of a single administration code CPT 90480 for administration of new (i.e., 91318-91322) and existing (i.e., 91304) COVID-19 vaccine product.
  • Retained existing Novavax product code 91304 for currently authorized vaccine product.
  • Deletion and/or revision of all other existing COVID codes.

All existing CPT codes that describe COVID-19 vaccine products and associated administration codes that end in “A” for products that are no longer covered under an existing Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) or Biologics License Application (BLA) from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be deleted effective Nov. 1, 2023.


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