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Med Practice Made Perfect - Episode 02 - Operational Best Practices

Not everyone thinks of a medical practice as a business - but in fact, it is just that, a business - and people want to be treated the right way. That includes interactions with their doctor and any healthcare provider, but also the rest of the staff. 

It is very important that your patients feel empathy from your team for their medical plight but also cared for as a customer. It is important to ensure a great experience by finding the right combination of personalities and procedures to manage funds due from patients so that your medical practice can flourish, survive, and continue to be available when they need you. 




High-deductible medical insurance plans have created the need for significant changes in billing processes, beginning with managing client expectations before they walk through your door. In our second episode of Med Practice Made Perfect, Tom Maher shares actionable advice to help improve your revenue cycle by creating a sound payment policy, communicating that policy to your patients, and collecting payments in a timely manner.

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